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glen sglen s 

direct link to custom salesforce tab

I've created a custom Web tab that appears at the end of the row of tabs.

I would like to create a link on an external site to SalesForce.com that brings the person directly to that tab (after sending them through the login page, of course), rather than to the Home tab.

Is this possible?

Beyond this, what I'd really like to do is to be able to pass in request parameters to the external web application that that's being displayed in that custom tab.

Yes, just link directly to that tab.

If they are not logged in, the system redirects to the login page.  When they are logged in, they will go to this tab.

If you used single sign on, then users would never even have to login if they were on your network
glen sglen s
Thanks for your answer.  Two things remain unclear to me:

1.  How do I "link directly to that tab"?
2. Can I include request parameters that will care all the way through to my custom application, running inside the tab?   (I guess I can find out the answer myself, once I get the answer to #1).  This is essential to get this to work.

I'm coming directly from a link in an e-mail, so the user is not yet authenticated in our system, so SSO from our application to SF isn't really an option (I don't think).  We are using SSO from SF to our application (embedded in the custom SF tab).


Jeremy GregorioJeremy Gregorio
This is an ancient thread but I had to figure this out on my own so I thought I'd post the answer. It's just

< a href='/servlet/servlet.Integration?lid={!Tab_Id}'>Link to Tab here</a>

Where {!Tab_Id} is the ID of your tab. You can get that the usual way by either going to the tab and looking for the "lid" parameter after "servlet.Integration" in the Tabs URL or just going into setup, bringing the tab up and getting the ID from it's URL. Not sure how to make this work on Lightning since I'm using Web Tabs and IIRC those are supported in Lightning yet.