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CTI Adapter SDK

I must develop a CTI adapter for our SIP call center product, but I was not able to find any information about how to implement the CTI Adapter. Is there available a public SDK? 
I downloaded the skype cti adapter and I retrieved the COM interface from the SkypeAdapter.dll, but without a documentation it's impossible to understand the interaction between the adapter and the page displayed in internet explorer. I only understand that there is a program, called "SalesforceCTI.exe", that acts as a bridge between the browser and the cti connector, and that sends and receives commands on both sides. That executable ("SalesforceCTI.exe") must be part of some CTI SDK. Where can  I download it? Any hints?
Thanks in advance.
I've asked our CTI product folks to chime in; if you don't get anywhere here I'd call support and ask.
I believe you're looking for the CTI Toolkit: