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Multiple Object Workflow

Hi All,
I'm sure this has been asked before, but I was unable to find a clear answer.
I'm trying to create a workflow that needs to validate information across multiple objects. For example if field x in the opportunity object = true and field y in the account object = true then do this.
Is this possible? It seems that I can not work across multiple objects. If this is not possible through the interface, has anybody done anything like this in any other way? If so, how?
I believe relational business rules, coming in Winter 08, should address this specific issue.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the reply.

'08 -- Not good for me now.

Does anyone know of anything differently or a workaround?

As of this weekend, Winter 08 is deployed to many instances, with the rest to follow next weekend, (see trust.salesforce.com for the schedule details), so its not exactly a long wait.
I guess that's not as bad as it seems. Winter '08 seems like a long ways off.
Unfortunatly even next weekend may still be to far off. Has anyone accomplished this using any other means, building exernal web services, APEX code, anything?
Please excuse my SalesForce ignorance.