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unable to find contact in contact lookup

On a contact lookup field and clicking the search button (magnifying glass), the lookup screen does not find the contact. However the sidebar search does find it. For example, searching for RYAN DANIEL does not find the contact: RYAN DANIEL J & CYNTHIA A, but is found in the sidebar search.
The above contact has RYAN DANIEL J & CYNTHIA A stored completely in the contact last name.
What do I do? What logarithm is Salesforce performing to find this? I even tried RYAN DANIEL*. It seems that as soon as I enter a space in the search field, salesforce parses the field in a way that I don't understand.
James Wikkerink
Municipal Software
Interesting... I gave it a whirl, and it seems like the search in the lookup doesn't like it when you include spaces.  Searching for just "ryan" or "ry*" found the contact, but anything including a space "ryan d*", etc. did not.
Here's something I didn't expect... take out the spaces and it finds it.  For example "ryandaniel" actually brings it up.  Strange.
RYAN*DANIEL also finds the contact. The lookup search and sidebar search should behave the same. Having to enter a star inside a name makes the user inefficient, and will cause more duplicate contacts to be entered.