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Auto Case Comment

We use cases pretty extensively and are in need of a solution to automatically add an activies comments to the related cases' comments. We currently do this manually but the task seems redundant. I know we need to develop a custom process that runs when the activity is saved using the API, but I cannot determine where to locate this process. If someone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. I'm confident that with the right direction we can develop the process using the API without further support.
Thanks for your help.

This page helped me get started. You could accomlish what you are looking to do using Apex code.

The Day Lab Excerses at the bottom of the page got me rolling.

Hope it helps.


Sounds like these day labs will illustrate how to start coding using the Salesforce API. Sorry to drag this out, but where might I locate this information? Also, I'm not still not sure where this customer code should be located in order for it to run this process automatically. Can you clarify?

Sorry I thought I included the link tot he page.

Here's the link:



Thanks. I will give that a try.