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share objects related to account in customer portal

I have searched and expiremented, but I'm unable to automatically have a customer portal user gain access to custom objects related to their account.  In another words, when any contact from ABC Company logs in to the portal, I want them to be able to view records on any tab that are related to the ABC Company account.


Presently, if I try to run a view on a tab/object, I get "Data not available for this view." even though there is at least one record associated with the ABC Company account.


This seems to work properly for cases, presumably because case sharing is tied to Account sharing.


Thanks in advance for any insight! 

Hmmm, I think this might have been a simple issue of using a Lookup relationship instead of a Master-Detail relationship.  I'm still sorting through some odd stuff, but will report back.

Master-Detail relationship was the answer.  Now the only problem I see is that a portal user can gain access to the related records of another account if that user/contact is on a case for the other account.


If I take a case for Company A, and mistakenly (or otherwise) list a contact from Company B,  the contact from Company B gets listed in the sharing for Company A.  This seems like a possible security problem to me.  Does anyone know if this is specific to something in my setup?