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Sync Salesforce and Mysql




   I want to sync salesforce with mysql with a single button click using web service concept.Is that possible, if so plz tell me what are all the possibilities. Can u plz guide me.     





Message Edited by Nalini on 02-17-2009 03:10 AM
You certainly can do that with a PHP page (although you'll obviously have to create a data model in MySQL to match that in Salesforce.com).  Or you can get something like CastIron which allows you to build relationships between databases graphically.



Thank you so much, i used php scripting languge  to sync salesforce and Mysql using XAMPP software,now       i am able to fetch the records from SF to Mysql , but as a next step i just want to create a button in sales force and with a click of the button i need to connect to Mysql.

Is that possible? If so plz guide me with the further steps.  iam a newbie to this concept. can u plz guide me.


Hi Nalini


Lookup DBAmp Pro or use the command line of data loader unless you would rather programme it using web services.