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emailAuthor.jsp and querystring limitations and SControl

Hello all,


I have to assume that others ran into this issue.  I have a large amount of data to be sent to emailAuthor.jsp for the body of the email (plain text)  it could be 10k which I assume that at some point I'm going to run into issues forgetting about the fact that this really is abusing the queryString.

We do not want to do popups (we will use something like ..location.href )

I've tried playing with javascript timers but it just seems too inconsisent and risky in regards to keep the ability to reference the body object on emailAuthor.jsp before my scontrol redirects.

I'm really at a loss.. Any help would be appreciated!!!

Do you really need to show emailAuthor.jsp?  What about using the built-in sendEmail API verb instead to send the email programmatically rather than using that page?
Thank you for the reply.

I would like to use it as it has some nice features such as the attachment capability and the rich / html editor.