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Data loader - upsert without insert

I like the ability of upsert in the data loader to use the external id to find out which record to update. However, for this one-time purpose I don't want it to do an insert if the id's don't match. Is there a setting I can say, "update if you find a match, but do nothing if there is no match"?

I am aware that I could delete out the new records that I didn't want created after the upsert process, I'm just wondering if I can turn off inserts temporarily.

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One semi-crude way is as follows:
1. Extract from primary object;
2. Load into Access table;
3. Load Upsert data file into another Access table;
4. Define query which  identifies only Upsert candidates which
     have a match on external id to the extract table created in step #2.
5. Export the query created in step #4, and Upsert them.
Thanks for the idea. However, I found it easier to:

  1. Upsert
  2. Export Id's of the items inserted today by me. Export condition: where createdbyid = '***' and createddate >= LAST_N_DAYS:1
  3. delete using the id's of step 2.
It was worth a shot to see if anyone new of a easier way.