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Views with dynamic parameters?

I'd like to be able to create a custom button or link that allows you to dynamically pass in a parameter to a view in much the same way you can with reports.
I was hoping it would take the view (from the fcf parameter) and then show all the contacts with first name Tim.  This is just a test to see if you can even pass a parameter to a view.
Is it feasible to pass a parameter into a view?
No, I don't think that's possible.  These days it's fairly simple to create a Visualforce page with a list of stuff of your choosing from a query though.
I thought you could do this with visualforce, trouble is, from what I've read, you don't retain the ability for inline editing of a view that we gained with the summer '08 release.  Is it possible to do inline list editing with visualforce?
Arun BalaArun Bala
Hi Indicator/werewolf,
Can you please advise me as to how can I get the view id in JS ? like we get !Account.Id, is there a way to get the view id ??