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Form ID's are they dynamically generated??

Hello all, sorry for the noobie question  :)

I'm on a view of Case Details.  We have a custom solutions object with a custom button (ie. email solutions text) that will call an html scontrol (javascript / html)  that lays out an email form.  there can be many solutions for the case so the custom button was created with the option of displaying checkboxes.. I need to determine the value of the these checkboxes when the email solutions text button is clicked.

Case 1012012
Case Detail
KB Solutions   [btn email solutions text ]
x  Solution name..   Solution link
x  Solution name     Solution link

I'm seeing the html as below with what appears to be a dynamically generated id for the form??  I need this id to grab the values of the checkboxes but if it's dynamic and can change any time is there an easeir way?

ie.. method="post" id="massActionForm_50030000004otJ9_00N30000002IGX3" action=




Ids are automatically generated unless you specify the Id of the form and any parent element i.e.


<apex:page id="thepage">

  <apex:form id="theform">





The form's id will be 'thepage:theform'.. but only if you name all parent elements. A bit more help on Salesforce Ids and Javascript can be found here.