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Intellisync error - Requires administrative rights on your local machine

We are receiving this error message when trying to sync Outlook and Sforce using the Intellisync application.

"User information could not be retrieved from the main system."

When i search support for help, i get this response:

Solution Title: Intellisync error " User info can not be retrieved from the main system"
Solution Description: You will get the error "user info can not be retrieved from the main system" if you are trying to run Intellisync and you do not administrative rights on your local machine.

With Version the user who installs and runs Intellisync needs to have administrative rights on the local machine.

We are running Windows XP Pro. The users do not have admin rights but i cannot believe that is a requirement to use the software. The application runs fine when logged in administratively, but giving admin rights to all users is out of the question.

Am I missing something here? Does anyone have a work around for this?


I think there is a problem in the API servers.... I keep getting random errors in accessing basic user and roll data or doing describe calls.

Intellisync is opening registry keys with "KEY_ALL_ACCESS". That is the reason why the connector needs to be run as administrator. There is a new version of Outlook Edition and Sync planned for release later this year that will address this problem.