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Integration with Mozilla Thunderbird email

My company wants to integrate with email but will not use Outlook because of security issues. We handle sensitive law enforcement data and a breach on our email servers would look bad to our customer base. Has anyone been able to facilitate integration with email other than a Microsoft product? Any input would be very much appreciated. I have users that do not live in sf.com so I have to cut and paste critical emails by hand, Help!!

Hi CindiB,

To date, I have not seen an integration with Thunderbird.  We have, as you mentioned, outlook integration (this is not exchange server integration by the way) and partners that do lotus notes integration, but I have not heard of a Thunderbird integration.


Allow me to put this thread back in actuallity. I beleive there are many people and companies using Thunderbird  as their prefered email client. Is there any Thunderbird Integration that would provide the basic oprations allowed by the SalesForce Outlook integration ? If not, is there a plan to do so by the SalesForce developer? Or if not (would ne really sad...), could it be done by the community ?

Thanks for any help

Cheers !
Hi there,

I too have been looking out for such a add-on for Thunderbird but can't seem to find one. I think it would be really benaficial to a lot of people if SF created a copy of the existing Outlook plugin to work in Thunderbird.

Its been requested here since 2005 now, so i'm supprised nothing has been created.

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mark butchermark butcher
Many organisations don't allow the employees to use MS Outlook, instead they prefer open source email client for email services and Mozilla Thunderbird is the most prefered email client.
Thunderbir email configuration required settings of Pop, IMap, SMTP Server.
 You can check the settings from:
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