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Mail-merge and attachments

Did anyone have a work-around to create a mail-merge in which I would be to embed a picture that is attached to an opportunity record?



I'd like to follow-up my own thread :-)

Would it be possible to create a web integration link that would be a printable form in which I could embed the jpg attached to the opportunity?


Ron HessRon Hess

I think i could see how to do this with the ajax toolkit, in an scontrol.  I've not tried this exact sequence but...

your scontrol would open a window, use the opportunity id to query the attachments table ( for a specific name perhaps? )

find the attachment ID for the JPG which is related to that OP, then generat a url like this one :


( be sure the "ssl.salesforce" is the correct location for your org)

push this URL into the document body of your popup ( perhaps in a DIV section ? )

and decorate the rest of the document with your required text, the user would then use the browser print functionality to send this to paper / fax / file.