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Mapping a custom formula field on a lead

I have a custom text field on a lead that is 50 characters. I have the equivalent field on the Opportunity that is the same length. I have a mapping between that lead field and the opportunity. All works fine with that.

I wanted to have the same custom lead field map to a field on the contact record. So I created a formula field on the lead that looked like this:

TRIM(LEFT({!Project_Location__c}, 50))

This should guarantee the result is a 50 character value or less.

When I map this field to a field on the contact, I get an error saying that the lead field is 1300 characters in length and is more than the contact field of 50.

I believe this is because the formula itself can be up to 1300 characters. However, this should be comparing the formula result with the length of the contact field.

To get around this, I made the contact field a 1300 length text area (long) field. This saved okay. However, the information from the formula field did not transfer over.

PLease let me know if I am doing something wrong or if the product just does not support this. If it doesn't support it, I'd like to make a feature request that the lead conversion process supports mapping the result of a formula field to a non-formula field of the same data type.
Mike ShawalukMike Shawaluk
Hi hemm,

I tried to do this same thing on our setup, with the same results. I concluded that formula fields can't currently be used for lead auto-assignments.

As a workaround, we created a second custom text field in our Lead object, and we assign the tracking value to both custom fields when the lead is created. Then on lead conversion, we can map one of the fields to the opportunity, and the other to the contact. It's a bit of a kludge, but it works.

Hope this helps,

- Mike