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Google Talk

Google talk was just released as an im/voip client.

I noticed the Skype integration for Salesforce and was wondering if anyone was looking into a Google Talk integration?
Go for it dude.
LOL. Was supposed to be a subtle hint for someone with skills beyond mine.

Actually I have some programming background but am very new to Saleforce. Unfortunately after some investigation, I also realized that Google Talk doesn't provide any api's like Skype does. Though knowing them I sure they eventually will.
Google Talk is essentially a Jabber client with an extra protocol to do voice...

One of my integrations (my monitor actually) uses XMPP/Jabber about 50-60 times a day to send messages to users reminding them about events/tasks in SFDC. We use it to let the schedules know that a technician's allotted time has expired and the event hasn't beeen closed. The scheduler, now alerted, can check the techs schedule for any appointments that need to be altered.

The Jabber/XMPP integration was actually very simple -- there are some nice libraries available that are open source to do the connection work for you.

What did you have in mind, specifically?
Good question. Something similar to the Skype integration; abilty to launch IM/Audio session from salesforce (weblink?). The idea of sending alerts and/or mass IM's sounds interesting too. How do you go about doing that?

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Arvind BatraArvind Batra

Hi Daroz,


can you please share some links/documents which talk about Salesforce Jabber integration.






Arup Sarkar 17Arup Sarkar 17
can you please share links or steps to do the integration, we downloaded the web plugin and jabber sdk from the below site. I posted a question to the community already.


All the sdk files have been put in as static resources and we built a custom visualforce page to login. Username, password, CUP server and CUCM server are all stored in user profile object.

Our biggest problem is holding the jabber logged in session during navigation from tab to the other, we have been able to solve the problem in chrome, how ever it is not working in IE.
Can we solve in IE in any way?
If we do jabber SSO ( I do not know how to integrate jabber SSO), does the users need to login?

Our SFDC instance is single sign on.