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Help us out in Greece, throw us an olive branch....

We would like to do one of 2 things:

1. Email Greek contacts in Salesforce using Greek templates that mail merge in Greek-based names with  Greek characters: While Salesforce stores Greek characters, it does not allow us to send emails using Greek characters merging Greek-character field names (first name in Greek characters, last name in Greek characters).

2. Export Greek contacts: Since we cannot email our Greek contacts (as explained in point 1), we would like to export these names to excel. When trying to export the names with Greek characters, it only renders junk for those fields.

Salesforce is useless to us in Greece right now. We spent a lot of time placing contacts in it, only to face these challenges.


Is someone out there the next Socrates? Can you help us?


I'm fairly sure that it should work -  are you using UTF-8 for the character encoding of the template / export file?


It DOES work! Thank you for  helping me!!