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Ideas: Expire LMA Licenses by Usage Value

Is anyone else interested in something like this? VOTE HERE


Expire LMA Licenses by Usage Value

Currently Licenses can be by Site or User for a given period of time. I think it would be a great addition to this functionality if you allowed us to be able to create packages designed to expire based on usage rather than just time. This way we could sell a customer a block of usages rather than a period of time.

We are finding that this could be very helpful in licensing apps for use in Salesforce Sites, Ideas, Partner Portals, and Customer Portals where the users change constantly and charging the customers by site or by user for a given period of time doesn’t seem to fit the situation.

Could this be done with just a usage value in the LMA record and a method to call in order to validate and decrement the usage value?


Ok, It's been up there for going on 2 days now and gotten 1 other vote. LOL!

Just for conversation's sake... Is this a bad idea for some reason?

We could use this for a function that generates a specific image (for Sites, PRM Portal, Customer Portal ect). Thus we would like to sell packs of these in like 100,000 - 500,000 - 1,000,000 - ect.

Pricing this type of fucntion is dificult, because one customer might only use a 1000 per year, and another might use 100,000 per month.  So, how else do you make it fair and thus make the pricing attactive for both based on usage?



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