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Salesforce.com Ideas- am I missing something here?

I am hoping I get this close enough to where you guys wont blast me for posting in the wrong place :) 


I have setup "Ideas" on our customer portal and have yet to figure out a good way to setup administration, notifications, or tracking of new ideas that our customers submit.


There are no settings for email notification or administration of the ideas page itself or for posts. All of the new features that they sold us on, like customer portal and ideas are half baked solutions from what I have seen compared to the rest of SFDC. 


It is perfect for entering ideas but how do we as a company know when the ideas are submitted? Hopefully I am missing something because my recommendation to the business as of now is to scrap ideas, open up a forum, save some money and call it a day.


I appreciate any "ideas" anyone has.. Thanks in advance




Goodie - you can create some workflows to email you or an email alias every time an idea is submitted.


There are no native email notifications available in Salesforce Ideas. 


A forum is far more robust than Salesforce Ideas, unless you simply can't live without the feature of voting ideas up and down.


Workflows is a very good suggestion, and got me half way there, but email templates do not seem to offer up Ideas fields for use in the email body.


Your suggestion is greatly appreciated. Hopefully this comes up in search for others who start to use these capabilities.