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Truncate Fields on Apex Data Loader 17.0 not working?

Anyone else noticed this...I have a batch upload that uses Apex DataLoader...under version 16.0, it would happily truncate a text field if the value was too long.


This doesn't seem to work with version 17.0, either via the UI or Batch Interface. It just gives me an error saying String Too Long.


Does this need to be enabled differently in 17.0? It's checked in the UI, and I've tried placing it in various combinations of config files/process-xml files, all with no avail.


If anyone else could test their installation, and confirm that it's broken, or that it is my config that isn't working, I'd be most grateful!





FYI, From the API documentation, an underlying change in the API.  Best, Steve.



The AllowFieldTruncationHeader header specifies the truncation behavior of the following field datatypes that contain strings:
  • anyType, if it represents one of the other datatypes in this list
  • email
  • encryptedstring
  • mulitpicklist
  • phone
  • picklist
  • string
  • textarea

In API versions previous to 15.0, if you specify a value for a field that is one of the datatypes listed, and that value is too large, the value is truncated. For API version 15.0 and later, if a value is specified that is too large, the operation fails and the fault code STRING_TOO_LONG is returned. AllowFieldTruncationHeader allows you to specify that the previous behavior, truncation, be used instead of the new behavior in API versions 15.0 and later. This header has no effect in versions 14.0 and earlier.




My issue isn't really with the API - I am using the data loader..


Using version 16.0, it truncated by default...but when I use the same batch files with version 17 of the dataloader, it doesn't truncate, nor does it seem to when I explicitly include the parameter in the process.xml file, or even when I use the UI version with the checkbox checked...


So I am trying to work out if there is bug in the new dataloader (quite possible, as the recent release seems to have been generally pretty buggy) or if my config is wrong, or if I need to enable the parameter in a different way?


I agree with BritishBoyInDC.  There's something funny going on here.  I have the same problem


In addition, the cited API documentation contradicts the actual behavior of Data Loader 17, regarding field truncation.