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URLFOR not switching the record type

I have a vendor object which I tied to Contact objects in order to create contacts for a Vendor, I also created a special contact record type and special vendor contact page layout associated with this record type. I then created a button (shown in vendor's contact related list) called "New Contact Vendor" as a URL:



{!URLFOR($Action.Contact.NewContact, null, [CF00N70000002ZeEu=Vendor__c.Name, RecordType='01270000000Dx6EAAS'])}


The point being that this URL should skip the record type selection, assign vendor contact record type, hook it up with vendor object (this works) and then goes to vendor contact  page layout to edit new contact. However, this does not happen, I am still shown the record type selection page.

If I put save=1 into parameters (as I've seen in other threads) then it skips the selection page but goes to the default record type's page layout, not the desired page layout, as if it completely ignored record type assignment. Even when I fill the contact and save it shows its record type to be the default one, not the vendor contact one (01270000000Dx6EAAS). I must also state that all record types are accessible to all profiles, so security is not an issue.


What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug?