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Cannot find the correct link for Contact API of Google Authentication Toolkit

Hi ,
I am trying to execute the REST  example of Google data API given in the wiki. The link to view the Example is :
The problem is they have not given the link to access the Contacts API.
I have found one link but I am getting the error :"Authorization Required"
The link is :
Am I using the wrong link ?
Can you please give the correct link for this?
Regards ,
soa -

Do you mean the link at the bottom of the page for the Contacts API page?  I get there (http://wiki.apexdevnet.com/index.php/Contacts_API) with no problem.  This link is different than the one in your post.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your prompt response.

But I do not need this link.This is accessible from here also..

I neeed the link which actually calols the Contact's API of google Toolkit.ie the link which I pass from my Visualforce page which in turns calls the google Contact API page.


Please help..

Waiting for your prompt response.