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Custom Report Types - Identifying dependant reports

Is there anyway to tell which Custom Reports are dependant on each Custom Report Type?
I need to delete some of our redundant report types, but need to be sure I'm not deleting any active reports in the process.
Tom TobinTom Tobin
The report on reports will tell you which report type a report is based on.

You can get this by building a CRT, and having "reports" as the primary object. You can tell which reports were build on a specific report type, and if the report type field is empty, it will tell you which "auto-generated" report types from joined objects were used to build the report.

Thanks Tom, that solves my problem.

A rather confusing solution to a simple problem. A report to show reports based on reports :smileyindifferent:

Now just 540 reports to tidy-up...

Tom TobinTom Tobin
Just remember to get out the developer name (one of the columns in the report on reports).
Then you can use the folder+developer name in the IDE to mass delete: