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Existing Case in Web to Case Form

Hello --

We have been using the Web-To-Case form on our website for some time and are now looking at using it for our phone call overflow service offering and having an answering srevices using this tool.  Our hope is that the overflow service and follow the same script that we do internally to take customer information on existng and new cases.  Unfortunately, I have not found a way to link new data submitted in the form to an existing case in SFDC.  Does anyone know if it is possible to add data to an existing case using the web-to-case form?


Wes Barnes
No, there's really no good way to do that; w2c is not intended for that purpose.  That's more what the portals are for. 

You could perhaps put up a PHP page that allows you to somehow link the input to a new case.  Or you could add a field to Case called "Parent Case Number" and then make an Apex trigger on before insert which goes and looks up for a case with that number and sets the parent case ID of the new case to that existing one.  Then you'd still have 2 cases but there'd be a linkage between them.  Don't forget you'd have to turn FLS on for the Parent Case field because it's off by default.
Wes BarnesWes Barnes
Werewolf --

Thanks for the reply.  It sounds like this is a no go as there is a bit of development and manual workflow to handle this.  I think that we will just have the answering service include the exisitng case number in the description field for the form and we can simply tack the detail in the orginial case under comments.

Thanks again.

Wes Barnes