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Frank FernandezFrank Fernandez 

Home Page Popups

I have a custom object that contains a "deadline" date. I would like a "pop-up" to be generated when a user logs in two days prior reminding them of the deadline. Is this possible?
If not, is there a way I can generate a custom message on the home page to remind them?
Frank -

Check out time-based workflow.  It won't give you a popup, but you could send an email or assign a task, which could appear on the home page.

Hope this helps.
Frank FernandezFrank Fernandez
Thanks for the suggestion, but that was the approach we tried and  it wasn't "obvious" enough.
Any other thoughts?

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Brad HuffmanBrad Huffman
Could you create a task associated with the object?  Use the time based workflow to create a new task.  You can set the reminder equal to the deadline minus 2 days.  Should generate a popup.

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