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How to aggregate custom object data onto the Master Account Detail View?

For our implementation, every Opportunity has a Quote, and every Quote has Quote Line Items.  Our quote line items list annual subscriptions with a contract end date.  Currently it is very time consuming to determine what "Active Subscriptions" a customer has, as this data is three levels deep.  My boss is set on the following solution, and I need a little direction on how to achieve it.

Essentially pull all quote line items where contract end date is in the future, and post them on the Account Detail View, so when I look up "Customer ABC", there is a new panel called "Active Subscriptions" listing these Quote Line Items.  Of course, I'll need to provide drill down links.

Any pointers on how to do this?  Thanks a ton in advance!
Is this really that hard?  Can someone please give me some pointers and/or some docs that might help?

Your best solution is likely a Visualforce page using the standard controller for account so you can bring it inline into the account page layout.  You'll need an apex class that extends the standard controller (the Visualforce page extension pattern) where you do your query. 

Hopefully that's enough to get you going.