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Email2Case Attachments issues

I have successfully installed E2C to use Google apps.

The thing is that the attachments are:
1. Large attachments are ripped form the message and stored on the local server directory. (Nothing is written in the created case to mention it)
2. Small attachments vaporize !!!  They are not saved to SF, nor to the local directory. - The user registred with E2C is an administrator, and can create and edit attachments.

Steve R.Steve R.
In this config section:

If I specify zero in the <largeAttachmentSize> the attachments are stripped and moved to the folder specified.  If I give a number (like shown above), all attachments are stripped and are not left in the d:\temp directory.

I am using the 1.0.6 version

Steve R.Steve R.
Ok, for all those searching (as I was) for why my attachments werent coming through, here is the solution (albeit a little embarassing).
The email attachments ARE coming through, they are just on the "email".
Getting to the attachment, requires circumnavigating the barn, as they say.

  • The Case is created, with an "open activity" called "Email: <Subject>".
  • Click on the open activity to open it.
  • At the top it says "This task appears to be associated with an Email Message. Click here to view the associated Email Message."
  • Click to open the message, and you are presented with the "Inbound Email Message" display.
  • This is where the attachment lives.

Steve R.