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Email2Case LargeAttachmentDirectory

Newbie here..any help appreciated.

In my sfdcConfig.txt, I have:


Where exactly should this dir be? I keep getting "Invalid directory specified for large attachments"

It is failing at this line:

                logger.info("dir:" + dir); // outputs: "dir: //sfdcfile/"
                File f = new File(dir);
                boolean isValid = f.exists();
                logger.info("isValid: " + isValid); // outputs "isValid: false"
                if (!isValid) isValid = f.mkdirs();
                logger.info("isValid: " + isValid); // outputs "isValid: false"
                if (!isValid) throw new InvalidConfigurationException(ConfigurationExceptionCode.SFDC_INVALID_LARGE_ATTACHMENT_DIR);

Why is it unable to create dir's?

Hi there,

1. The directory has to sit where the deamon is running. (A local directory)
2. Unfortunatly, with my server it still doesn't work, so if yours will, I am happy for you.

Well, it is where the deamon is running, alright!
But what did work is giving the full-path (instead of relative path - something like C://sfdcfiles/