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Avoid Changing Last Modified

I'd like to be able to update the owner field on account records via the Data Loader without affecting the Last Modified and Last Modified By fields.  Is this possible?
I don't think that's a possibility. Those two are automatic based on the DB design. I am not 100% sure about the Last Modified By because I don't remember such automatic field in regular DB. But, Last Modified Date/Time is build in all regular DB.  You will be a crazy hacker to actually get around that.
The point was correctly made, that when users make changes, it's very helpful to know when the last one was made. But if an admin has a batch job that's going to touch every object, then user important knowledge of "when last touched" is lost.

One solution might be to create a user last modified field which is updated with a specific trigger. Then, when you do the batch job, you'd turn off the trigger.