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Field Names

How can I determine the API names for Account Billing Address Line 1, Billing Address Line 2, and Billing Address Line 3?  I can include these fields in a report but I need to populate them using the API and I need the field names for the mapping.xml.
You can look in the enterprise WSDL, or use one of the schema viewer tools like SoqlXplorer, ApexExplorer or developers sidekick. There's no standard fields for those i think, so they're likely custom fields.
From my experience, the WSDL exposes a field called "Billing Street", which is a text area field.  You have to concatenate your three address fields together with line breaks in order for them to all show up in SFDC.

What is confusing me is I can report on the 3 fields, but apprarently they are not exposed in the WSDL.  It would be nice if they were.  I'll try your sugestion - thanks.

Account: Address

Billing StreetBilling Address Line 1Billing Address Line 2Billing Address Line 3
Billing CityBilling State/ProvinceBilling Zip/Postal CodeBilling Country
Shipping StreetShipping Address Line 1Shipping Address Line 2Shipping Address Line 3
Shipping CityShipping State/ProvinceShipping Zip/Postal CodeShipping Country


Yes, we run into that in all of our implementations.   When reporting on the data, it is split out into three separate fields - it probably makes reporting easier if you don't have to include text area data in the report.  But when you want to write data to SFDC via the API, you only have one field to work with.   You'll see that it works this way for all objects.   As examples, you'll see the "Street" field on the Lead object, the "Mailing Street" and "Billing Street" and "Other Street" on things like Contacts and Accounts.

Concatenating three fields in to one has always worked for us - just remember to place a line break character between each of your address fields and you should be fine

Thanks - it might be a good item to post on idea exchange - to expose the fields in the WSDL - think it would get any votes?
Yeah, it may.   I imagine it would actually involve a fairly major change behind the scenes, but you never know
Alice Bergin VaughtAlice Bergin Vaught
I'm having the same problem at NPM, wondering if it still the case that the Billing Address Line 1 and Billing Address Line 2 cannot be mapped individually.