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Can Microstrategy connect and query salesforce.com database?

We are exploring the possibility of connecting to salesforce.com database from Microstrategy.
Can Microstrategy connect to salesforce.com database and query from SFDC objects? Will SOQL be an issue here?
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MicroStrategy is not currently a Salesforce.com partner. They do not have a certified application on the AppExchange at this time. Let me know if you'd like to discuss.
Krishna Prasad K PKrishna Prasad K P
Hey guys, Is there any update on it ? Is there any good document on how to connect SFDC from MicroStrategy. Please share the knowledge on how to connect SFDC from MicroStrategy... -Krishna

I am able to establish a connection and see standard objects; but, not custom objects. They are visable but I can not read any data.

Kevin PoklertKevin Poklert
I think Skyvia can help you. It's a cloud-based solution that easily loads Salesforce data to a database or a cloud data warehouse. Take a look skyvia.com/data-integration/analyze-salesforce-with-microstrategy