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Force IDE Deployment Issue

 Problem: CRUD Permissions are not available for this entity : Product2


I'm deploying a profile object and I'm getting this error. I can't actually find reference to product2 in the file.


Does anyone have a more detailed explanation?





Bill EidsonBill Eidson


   The message is related to the fact that CRUD isn't available on Product2, so I'm confused how it could happen without reference to Product2.  If you could send me the profile, or the entire zip, I can investigate further.

   I'll send you a private message w/ contact information




  - Bill



We are getting the same error.  As a band-aid, we created the profile in the destination ORG first, then deployed the profile (with overwrite).


This got around the error; however, this is a definite bug with the 'Deploy to Server' option in the Eclipse IDE.


(I see no way to set rights on Product2 -- I only see Product.)

FYI:  We don't use accounts or contacts, so we also had to set the following rights (on the source ORG) before deploying from Source-ORG to Destination-ORG:
 - Give the employee profile the following rights on Source-ORG:
  - Accounts  read/create/edit
  - Contacts  read/create/edit
  - Set 'Import Personal Contacts' to TRUE
Once deployed, we had to remove the above rights from both the SOURCE & DESTINATION ORGS.
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