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Free Dupliacte Contact Check for Smaller Databases

This is the best way I've found without buying an additional product.  If anyone has a better way please chime in!

1) Add "Full Name" as a formula fields on your contact (Firstname + Lastname) - its the example listed when you create a formula.
2) Run a report for all contacts across the entire date range they could have possibly been created.  Include full name field.
3) Export this file to excel.  Add a formula field:
=IF(MAX(COUNTIF(P2:P5000,P2:P5000))>1,"Duplicates","No Duplicates") 

I added this formula to row Q, where row P was my "Full Name".  Copy this formula down the entire row (as many rows as you have).  Don't use the drag formula function as it will add numbers to the formula.  I used a text file, and quickly created a number of lines, then pasted into excel (hold control-v with trailing return, then copy a bunch of lines, then copy again again, 20 seconds and you've got 5000 lines).  Increase 5000 (in the formula as well) to a larger number if you have more records.  You should see each duplicate show up saying "Duplicates".  Then use data --> sort in excel and you can see just the dup's.

It's dirty but it works.

Alternatively if you have a very small database, you can run the above report in summary form, using Full Name to summarize.
Update- created a text formula with:
"=IF(MAX(COUNTIF(B2:B64000,B2:B64000))>1,\"Duplicates\",\"No Duplicates\")"

Set Full Name as column B on the report, export it.  Copy the formula out ot notepad and set the fields to general in excel.  Paste them back in.