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checkboxes when adding a custom list button on activity history

I am crating a cusom list button which is ugin an s-control and am adding it to the activitiy history related list on customer layout. It works fine however for some reason that causes some checkbpxes to appear next to activities which do not have any apparent value, they are just there.
does anyone know what are they?


Message Edited by Nadia on 07-01-2008 03:08 PM
The checkboxes appear whenever a custom button is added to the related list in case the new custom button has the ability to utilize data from multiple selected records.
oh thank you I did not notice there is an option for that when the button is being created.

hey Nadia,


    Can you tell me how you added custom button on activity history?

 I am trying it last halfnhour, I am creating custom button under Task Buttons and links. and trying to add

it search layout of activity but its not appearing on my activity history?


any clue will be great help to me. TIA.