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Roll-up summaries through multiple levels?

Hey all,
The part of the project that I am working on has basically three levels of custom objects. The design looks something like this:
Top Level object
 / | \
Middle Level Object
  / | \
Lower Level Object
the lowest level has a number field (hours) that will be input from user. The field in middle level needs to be a sum of all hours in the lower level. Likewise, the Top level will need a sum of all the middle level hours.
I am looking at roll up summariesas a way to acomplish this, but i can not have the top level be the master detail for the middle and also have the middle be a master detail of lower level.
Is there some way to accomplish this?
Thanks in advance
Can you have a fomula field on the middle level that takes the value of the roll up whenever it is changed.
Then you can sum this forumla field on the top level.
Thanks for the tip Leslie. Actually over the weekend i decided to take the long route and write some triggers to accomplish this. It was a pain but it got the job done.

Found this posting thru Google.


This was a breeze rolling up the Summaries.