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Nazeer AhamedNazeer Ahamed 

Web To Case with Attachment

We are using web-to-case to gather request / cases from our corporate web site. We would like to allow our customers to upload a file (supporting docs) while they submitting the web form in our site.

I know that Web to Case not support this straight away one as of now, But what are all the work around to implant this requirement.  How can we achieve this? Please share your views. Thanks.

It is true that w2c currently does not support the uploading of attachments.  The only real workaround that I can see to this is to put up your own page which takes the case information and the attachments and posts them to Salesforce.com via the API.

To my knowledge you can’t post both binary data and textual data in the same post, so you'd have to mimic what GMail and Outlook Web Access do and have a separate page where people upload the file, and then associate it with the still-in-progress w2c post.

What I did to work around this is the site where my web to case form is located I have the uploader upload files to this site then concatenate multiple URL's to a text field that is sent with the web to case form.


Obviously this wont work for everyone. What is nice is in the the UI when I view that field the URLs are clickable automatically as long as they have http://