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Can SalesForce.com do a search on a Customer Identifier automatically?

Say Windows returns a Pop-up box with Customer Identifier.
Can we have SalesForce.com do a search on the Customer Identifier automatically?
Our marketing partner uses a dialer to make calls. Leads are fed into this box which makes calls, screening out bad number/faxes etc. before connecting LIVE calls to the Customer Service Rep.
Their existing Customer Information System (CIS) would pop up with the correct customer information on the screen.
Can we do this with SalesForce?
The dailer is AVAYA.
Appreciate if anyone could provide some feedback on this.
You may want to look into a CTI adapter that integrates Salesforce.com to your telephony system.  If you search Avaya on the AppExchange you'll see a number of AppExchange partners who have prebuilt adapters for Avaya systems, like Envox, SimpliCTI, iLink, and AMC Technology; Avaya itself also has an adapter now.

A CTI adapter gives you the following benefits:
- Screen pop (which is what you're looking for)
- Automatic call logging
- Call control from within the Salesforce.com web window
- Click-to-dial on any phone number in Salesforce.com
Thanks for your feedback.:)