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Junction object not available with some API applications

I have been trying to work with the new Junction object available since the Summer 08 release - an object with two Master-Detail relationships.  I cannot access this new object with a variety of API applications - Excel Connector, Crystal Reports 2008, Eclipse SDK.  I tested out 3 scenarios:
  1. Custom object with only 1 Master-Detail relationship - all applications show the object
  2. Custom object with 1 Master-Detail and 1 Lookup relationship - all applications show the object
  3. Custom object with 2 Master-Detail relationships - these 3 applications no longer show the object.

I've called into SFDC Support but so far this is not a known issue.  Has anyone else had success using a junction object with any of these commonly used applications?  The Apex Data Loader does show the junction object, which is very curious.

Would love to hear from anyone else having these issues as well.


It will depend on what API version those tools are using, junction objects have new semantics and are therefore not backwards compatible with older api versions, so we hide them from older API versions.

Message Edited by SimonF on 07-14-2008 04:12 PM