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How to keep track of data changes (audit)

As of now, salesforce audit is limited to strucutral changes, password changes or last logings. The point is, has anyone build something in order to keep track of data changing (create, update and delete transactions)? If yes, can anyone share or give any ideas, best practices to do that.

As always thanks for your support.

In the current version of salesforce.com the only way to accurately track changes is by using the replication apis (getUpdated and getDeleted). You would use these with a database of your own to record the changes as they occur.
Dev thanks for your assistance.

I supposed that API calls must be validated thru a prior user logging. the question is : Is this posible with the getupdated function to get all changes maid by all users no matter the user who is logged/authenticated (an admin user).

yes, call getUpdated as a user who has the view all data option in their profile turned on (or use the standard system admin profile)