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Ajax toolkit and custom objects

Anyone knows if it is possible to create s-controls using ajax toolkit on new objects.

If yes, what we want to do is to to build an s-control in a new object in order to update (automatically) a set of value(fields) in that object, and then clone/duplicate it into a new record and pass a set of field form the first into the new record (cloned one).

the s-control has not to be build necessarly using ajax, in order words is this s-control possible to be build ? and if yes, more or less in how much time (average)?

Finally and of course, if anyone has something likely and would like to share it, i will very much appreciate it (i am kind of new in this programming world)

As always thanks for the support.
All of these things are in theory possible, but as you point out, will require some coding..

..if you've done any Javascript, it shouldn't be that difficult, and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction if you want to try!
Ok, Adam lot of thanks. And yes i definetly want to try it becasuse we need it, my only concern was if this could be done with custom object and as i asked, more or less how much effort is needed to bluid something like that (1 day, 2 days,...)

What i am going to do is start basing myself with the examples posted in the blog, but if you could give a hand on how to handle custom object, debugging, and some examples lines of code i will very much appreciate it.

Hard to say how much time it will take, but I'd definately recommend taking a look at the AJAX toolkit - you will find some sample code in the zip attached to the blog post (http://blog.sforce.com/sforce/2005/07/ajax_toolkit.html)

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