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Email formatting in apex



I am developing a component that send emails to a list of recipients via an apex code.


Here is my setup:

1) I create an object MyEmail which has email body some text

2) When I save this record I have trigger which calls my routine to send the email and everything works like a charm no problem....


Here is the issue:


MyEmail object is a a child to a case, so when I create a new EmailObject and send it I append the previous EmailObject messages and send them ti tge recipients as a digest email.


When I send the email however everything come in on line with no formatting whatsoever...


Any help will be appriciated.


Here are pieces of my Apex code:


This appends all the prior message and returns a string which I send from the second block of code



	private static String appendPriorUpdates(String latestNotif, Notification__c notif,  List<Notification_Message__c> prior, Boolean html){
		String emailBody = latestNotif;
		for(Notification_Message__c nm :prior){
			String tempMsgBody = '';
				tempMsgBody += '<p> Sent: ' + nm.Timestamp__c + '  |  By: ' + nm.CreatedBy.Name + '</p></br>';
				tempMsgBody += '<p>' + nm.Message__c + '</p>';
				tempMsgBody += 'Sent: ' + nm.Timestamp__c + '  | By: ' + nm.CreatedBy.Name + '';
				tempMsgBody += nm.Message__c;
			emailBody += tempMsgBody;
		/* Append the initial notification email */
		emailBody += '<p>Initial Notification</p>';
		emailBody += ('<p> ' + notif.Notification_Sent_Hist__c + '</p>');
		emailBody += ('<p>' + notif.Notification_Reason__c + '</p>');
		return emailBody;



Here is where I send the email:


	mail.setSenderDisplayName('My Name'); 
					mail.setSubject('My Notification :: ' + notif.Subject__c);					
									//mail.setHtmlBody(appendPriorUpdates(strNotificationMessage, notif, priorUpdates, true));
					mail.setPlainTextBody(appendPriorUpdates(strNotificationMessage, notif, priorUpdates, false));


Thanks in advance.