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Bibek RathBibek Rath 

Mail merge with related lists


I have a specific requirement where the we need to create a report using the mail merge functionality which will get data from a custom object in SF and its related data from its various related objects.

For e.g. if i have a custom object named "Company" and its related object as Contacts and "Locations" (having a status field in the related list showing active/inactive). Can I create a mail merge template showing the list of locations in the related list which are active for the company (and get details of the location from the location object as well) and get the show all the contacts associated with each location?

Your help is highly appreciated.



My understanding is that because these types of relationships are one-to-many, there is no way to pull the child fields into a mail template, because SFDC is not sure which child record to access.  The only workaround I saw posted was to add rollup summary fields to the parent object ... which in my case, wouldn't work because there are many fields.  Am subscribing to this post, because if there is another solution out there, I would love to know what it is!



Bibek RathBibek Rath

It is not working in my case as well.. because i need all the records in the related list and each record having many fields.