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Formula for Default Picklist Value

This seems like it should be simple, but I just can't find it.  I would like to change the default master picklist value on an existing field to a formula that looks at the Business Unit field in the User profile.  I can write the formula ... I just can't find where to do that.  I have looked at the field within the Case Record Type and within the Case Fields and the only default option is a drop down of all the picklist values --- nowhere to write a formula.


I know that I could create a new Record Type for a specific group and then give that record type to different profiles ... but with a go-zillion profiles in our org and multiple picklist options ... that wouldn't be worth the work.


Is there a way that I can determine the default picklist value on an existing custom field via formula?  If so, can someone send me the steps?  Thanks!


Consider the following when defining dependent picklists:


- Other than the picklist, you can use checkbox as a controlling field. You can not take formula field as a controlling field.

- You can set default values for controlling fields but not for dependent picklists.

Hope this helps.

I understand the concept that dependent fields can't have defaults, because defaults calculate at record creation.  However, this field is neither a controlling nor a dependent picklist --- it is simply the "Submitter Role" field.  We would like to default that field based on a different field in the User Profile, which will not change.


Is this possible, or not?  If so, where?  I know that text fields can have defaults calculated by formula --- can picklists?