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Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah 

Custom Setting : Name too large error

I created a Custom Setting Data Set to store the Visualforce page that needs to be called for each recordtype. In the Name, I am storing the Record Type name. The whole feature works great for my requirement except for a small hitch.


The Name field length is 38 charaters. So I cannot add record type names more than 38 chars and I have record types with length upto 60 characters. Also, in eclipse Schema, I can see that the length of the field is 80 chars. I checked in another org and it also gave the same error. Now because of this small hitch, I cannot use this feature. :smileysad:


Is it a bug from Salesforce? or will the length of the Name field always be 38?


Well ... i have not faced this issue till now!

A questions for the administrators :)



Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah
You mean you could enter a text of more than 38 characters in the name field?