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Contracts without Accounts?

A client of mine  encountered a bit of a problem.


They want to keep Vendors separate from paying accounts, so they created a Vendor__c object. Now they want to leverage the contracts capabilities of SF to handle their contracts with the vendors and thats where the problem shows up, apparently SF Contracts mandatorily require Account to be set and account cannot even be removed from the page layout ("always on layout").


We though about solving this with a predefined account to keep all vendor contracts but this forces the user to manually assign it each and every time (not to mention human error). We then wanted to assign this predefined account through before insert trigger (as we'll know that the new contract came from a vendor's detail page) but we can't even get to the trigger part sicne page layout validation kicks in for an "always on layout" account.


Is there a workaround for this? Did I mention, they really dont want to have to keep their vendors as accounts.



You can do this by over-riding the edit page's URL using an S-Control or a VF page. So, when the user clicks on the create "New" button, the attached S-Control/VF page will be called, which will pre-populate the Account field onto the edit page of contract with the dummy account you have mentioned in your post.

Hope this helps!