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Can getUpdated() be used with recordtypeId?

Hi there


an application that is integrated with Salesforce for our organisation polls contacts periodically for any changes.


The developers of that app advise they are using getUpdated(objType, startTime, endTime); to do this.


 Unfortunately their app does not distinguish between record types which means if I do a mass update of contacts for another department, it lags the other app.


Is there a way for them to use getUpdated() with recordtypeid to limit the update to specific records only?






No it gets all new/updated records between those times, that the user has access to.

If the app can't be changed then maybe the other option is to do something with sharing so that that the user for the app can only see the records it needs to replicate.


Excellent idea! Why didn't I think of that?




have a great day.