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How to check the Total sales force page views(count) ?

Team, I have a requirement which needs to count Total Salesforce Page views visited by users? Suppose consider i have 20 apex pages in my client application, business wants to see the report how many pages visited by most of the users? so i want to create a report which tells Total salesforce page views in the month and per user etc.. Is this possible to count no.of users visited the page? If yes how to do this. If no why? Please advise. Regards, Karthik

Are the page views from Force.com Sites pages? I am not posative but I think there is documentation on how to build a way to report on page views.


You could also use Google Analytics (App Exchange App)to track page views. Unfortunately you cannot use SF Reports to report on Google Annalytics but it would still allow you a way to see how many page view hits you get.


Hi Karthik,


There is an app in app exchange which does this.



I hope this is what you were looking for.