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How to customize Attachment related list

Hi All,

I have a custom object which allows file attachments. The page layout allows me to put a Related List on the page so users can upload attachments. The problem is that items on the Attachment related list always show three buttons: Edit | Delete | View. I don't want sales rep users to be able to delete these attachments, so I would like to have the Delete link removed or to have it show a 'not enough permission' message when it's clicked by users in the sales role.

I don't know if there is a standard solution to this. I've been searching the documentation and the discussion boards for hints, but haven't found any answers. My first attempt was to create an s-control with javascript and drop it on the page layout, but then I found out after many hours of frustration that s-controls can't reference html elements on the page (this fact should be documented somewhere). I am about to create my own Apex Page to display the detail of this custom object, but I am not even sure that this will accomplish what I want since I am new to SalesForce and Apex coding.

Any help would be appreciated.