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Email-to-Case and contacts w\ multiple email addresses

We are just now setting up email to case. If an inbound email is received to our support address it creates a new case associated with the contact that matches the from address on the email... However, some of our contacts send us email from multiple addresses (their work email, their gmail, etc...). We are wondering if we can support multiple email addresses per contact so that email-to-case will recognize all of them. We already have an "other email addresses" field for contact records that will accept multiple additional addresses.

This type of functionality is supported by some 3rd party AppExchange providers, specifically iHance and their Absolute Automation app.

Is this possible out of the box in Salesforce or with a bit of modification?

Thanks in advance!
Glenn at MvistaGlenn at Mvista

Was there ever an answer to this?  I am looking at the same issue right now.