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Error Deploying Contact.object from Force.com IDE

When I attempt to deploy the Contact Object from one Sandbox to another Sandbox I get the error below:

"Save error: duplicate value found: <unknown> duplicates value on record with id: <unknown>"

What does this mean?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Bill EidsonBill Eidson
  JHoskins -

  It appears to be an internal issue; I've sent you contact information offline, if you could send me more information there, I'll work with you to diagnose & fix the issue.


  - Bill


I just got this exact same error, except it was on the Opportunity object.


Bill, would you be willing to help me as well?  Or JHoskins, can you fill the rest of us in on what you learned from Bill?


BTW, I'm using the latest version of the IDE.


Thanks much!




Bill EidsonBill Eidson


  Sure.  The earlier issue was resolved, this may be a separate issue.  I'll contact you offline to troubleshoot the issue.

Hey Bill - Thanks for the offer!  If you have the time, I could sure use this help in the next day or so.
Bill EidsonBill Eidson


  Ok, I sent you a private message a few days back with contact information; feel free to contact me.